Due to popular demand we exceeded our 100 free email accounts - and on the basis we couldn't be arsed to organise sales of baseball caps T'shirts etc we have bunged in our own hard earned money to upgrade this to unlimited email accounts , so just let us know what address you want


UPDATE – Please check out our sister site


Concept evolved down the pub and brought to you for free

"British humour strikes again"

After the enormous success of our sister site www.knobcheese.com we had some feedback that knobcheese was too male oriented and that the ladies amongst you wanted something of offensive of your own ,  after a brief meeting down the pub the boys and girls agreed on www.whingingbitch.com , free email address’s are going fast so get in quick.

It couldn't be more simple - request the email address you want anything@whingingbitch.com and tell us where you want any email forwarded onto (i.e. your current email address) we will check it is available and set it up for you.

Just drop me a note at webmaster@whingingbitch.com

This is a free site set up for a laugh - please help us to continue providing this service by making a small donation (we use secure paypal system (as used by ebay))also please refrain from using your knobcheese email address to subscribe to mailing lists or using it to register with web sites as the junk mail you will start receiving will annoy you as well as put pressure on our servers - please just give your knobcheese email address to friends.